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cursedalien asked:

For the swap of two homestuck characters, how about Jade and Aradia, my favorite human and troll respectivley?


oh fuck yeah dude

lets start with aradia (aria harley) who never died! young aradia and jade have a very similar mindset and personalities with one VITAL difference: aradia flarped

i dont say that as "she killed people" or "shed play dnd" i say that as aradia on jades island would be misserable or at least changed due to how little contact she would have with others

assuming that granpa harley still bites the dust aradia would bring bec everywhere with her and latch on to any relationship she could over the internet, id see her joining many different online communities and staying inside a lot to talk to people when she doesnt go out to explore and preform arceological digs

i see aradia trying to outsmart bec at every turn just to enter the frog ruins because its part of her interest, you cant just keep her out of a real life ruin when every other point of the past on the island is fair game

i think she would also take up any hobby she could on the island to connect more with others even tho she didnt like to do it and avoid sleeping at all costs, over working herself to get as much out of friendship and relationships as possible durring a day

her human instrument would be a mix of everything and anything other people clued her into existing

i see her as selfdestructive but not a destructive class, maybe a page of life?

jade! troll name pending. lets remember that while aradia had many friends and human connections, something that jade didnt have, jade was the adoptive daughter of a billionare and owner of skianet which aradia is the lowest caste on the hemospectrum next to mutant

i still think she would be happy tho, learning to utilise her psionics in amazing ways to multitask, finally able to play one of those double electric guitars

she wouldnt have access to expencive science but that wouldnt stop her, you can do a lot with scrap and junk that people throw out and i believe she would stay an inventor and avid creator tho notably: not an artist, art (as an artist myself) is expencive and from nepeta we can gleen that on canon alternia the pictionary modus Doesnt Exist so her field would be in the scrap or music, using her psionics to try and play many things at once maybe even on instruments made by herself

i think she is solidly placed as a maid or knight of space

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